What Color is Hope? By Jamie Burmeister

August 11, 2023 - September 30, 2023

“Through my art explorations I have come to realize I only have access to my own consciousness. My understanding is limited to myself. I can only truly understand my experience of the world. As a result, my artwork has become very introspective. A recent observation is the importance of “Hope”. The emotion “Hope” drives me forward in all parts of my life. The idea that things can get better pushes my creative practice into new areas of exploration. Recently, my artwork has focused on small 4” tall bronze figures I call vermin. These small figurative sculptures have found their way into my gallery and museum pieces, public art installations and street art. Through the combination of vermin with my multimedia approach I have found an outlet to explore nearly any aspect of the human experience. These artworks have elements of humor, absurdity and the mundane. A recent addition to my art practice is color. Most of my career has been spent working with 3D forms in space. This more sculptural and conceptual work comes naturally to me. Color on the other hand does not. The exhibition “What Color is Hope?” is an exploration of color. Sometimes I dance with the color while other times it is a fight. Through it all, I hope to develop an understanding of this new aspect of my artwork.”