Aaron Holz

Aaron Holz (b. 1972)

Aaron Holz uses a multi-layered painting technique that allows him to impart a translucent quality to his imagery, creating illusionistic perceptions of depth and space, and resulting in unexpected textures and rich color combinations.

Aaron starts by laying down a ground of gesso over panel, and then he literally rakes the ground to create peaks and valleys, which he paints on with acrylic.  He pours a thin layer of resin over the painted ground, sands it when it has dried, and then paints with oils on the resin surface.  A coat of varnish seals the work.

Aaron’s process, which imparts both a physical and a conceptual depth to his paintings, also offers him the opportunity to mine the fertile territory between representation and abstraction in an optically rich manner.

His paintings are in several American collections in New York and the Midwest, including The Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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