Olena Mosiyevych

Olena Mosiyevych (b. 1978)

Plasticity of line and its pulsating quality create the nexus of my method and meaning. Layers of impenetrable color become openwork, creating a shining effect that reproduces nature as I see it: an energetic state of being, where, as in music, new rhythms of light and harmony emerge. The roots of my vision lie deep within Ukrainian culture. In particular, I am drawn to the deep and radiant spirituality of Byzantine and Ukrainian icons and the colorful melody of Ukrainian folk art, with its feet solidly planted in the land. My work is influenced by the Ukrainian avant-garde, such Malevich and Bogomazov, with its tendency to complex symbolism and their life-affirming ideas. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, my family has been dispersed across three countries. In 2021, believing the Russian threat imminent, my husband and I and our two daughters moved to the United States. Living in Nebraska, I am beginning to integrate the landscape of the Midwest into my work. I particularly find myself visualizing of American roads as a metaphor for constant movement and trees as a symbol of stability, protection and, finally, rooting with my new homeland. One of the questions I’m currently researching: How does a Ukrainian sensibility interact with the American Midwest to create a new perspective? How my Ukrainian eyes perceive middle America?

I was born at 1978 and grow up in Western Ukraine. After obtaining a PhD in Economics from National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Ukraine, the oldest University in Eastern Europe, I immersed myself in artmaking and art history, studied Byzantine sacred art at Ukrainian Catholic University. Following lifelong learning approach, I am studying Modern and Contemporary Art and Design Specialization by MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art). My work has presented worldwide, in Ukraine, Europe, the US, and Japan, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Museum of Ukrainian Painting. Forseeing the Russian intervention, I moved to the United States in 2021, where I currently live and work, accompanied by my husband and two daughters. Actively supporting Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression, I have used my art to raise funds and engender hope for the future.

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