Olena Mosiyevych

Olena Mosiyevych (b. 1978)

Artist and scientist Olena Mosiyevych was born in Western Ukraine. After obtaining a PhD in Economics from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine, the oldest University in Eastern Europe, she immersed herself in artmaking and art history, studied Byzantine sacred art at Ukrainian Catholic University. She has presented her work worldwide, in Ukraine, Europe, the US, and Japan, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Museum of Ukrainian Painting.

Plasticity of line and its pulsating quality create the nexus of her method and meaning. Layers of impenetrable color become openwork, creating a shining effect that reproduces nature as artist sees it: an energetic state of being, where, as in music, new rhythms of light and harmony emerge. Foreseeing the Russian intervention, she moved to the United States, where she currently lives and works, accompanied by her husband and two daughters. Actively supporting Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression she has used her art to raise funds and engender hope for the future.

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