Chad M. Olsen

chad m. olsen (b. 1983)

Chad M. Olsen creates two separate worlds of formalist minimalist atmospheres and abstract landscape atmospheres. The creation of the two aesthetics were inspired by Chad’s love of nature, and more specifically growing up admiring the minimalist landscape of the Great Plains of Nebraska. Color, texture, painting surface and living light are the main variables that Chad is most interested in exploring within his painting.

Chad M. Olsen was born April 25th, 1983 in Lincoln, Nebraska. He attended Lincoln Southeast High School and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts in May 2010. While completing his BFA, Chad was fortunate to complete mentorships with prominent national artists Aaron Holz and Keith Jacobshagen. Both Aaron Holz and Keith Jacobshagen’s painting style and process have helped influence Chad’s painting aesthetic and overall approach to art.

In October 2011, Chad had his first national solo exhibition entitled “The Tulip Series” in Hoboken, New Jersey. In July 2013, Chad moved to New York City in pursuit of becoming a prominent national and internationally recognized artist. In May 2016, Chad began to be represented by Kiechel Fine Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chad has had solo and group shows in Colorado, Nebraska, New Jersey and Pennsylvania while also completing commissions for collectors in New York City and across the country.

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