SIX IN SYNC | Assurity Life Insurance

October 2, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Kiechel Fine Art is proud to present an extraordinary art show that brings together a diverse group of talented artists whose works span a wide range of styles and mediums. This exhibition showcases the unique artistic voices of Jenny Kruger, Keith Jacobshagen, Dan Howard, Chad M. Olsen, Olena Mosiyevych, and Jamie Burmeister, providing viewers with a captivating journey through contemporary art.

Keith Jacobshagen’s landscapes celebrate the beauty of the Midwest with a skillful use of color and light, while Jenny Kruger’s intricate brushwork and keen attention to detail invites viewers to connect deeply with the subjects of her paintings. Dan Howard’s large, abstract works demonstrate a striking blend of form and texture, while Chad M. Olsen’s paintings tell unique stories through depth and color. Olena Mosiyevych’s intricate and delicate works invite viewers to explore the intersection of culture and identity, and Jamie Burmeister’s multimedia installations push the boundaries of artistic expression.

On view now at Assurity Life Insurance, located at 2000 Q Street.