Resilience | Olena Mosiyevych

March 8, 2024 - May 3, 2024

“The Russian aggression of Ukraine brought me to Nebraska.  War has cancelled my exhibitions and my paintings in museums have been lost. Meanwhile, my parents remain in Ukraine, my siblings are dispersed, my children have become bilingual, and America is my home. As an immigrant facing hardship, I’ve sought the Midwestern landscape as inspiration for my paintings. Trees symbolize stability and protection. My tender roots are now feeling their way through a new homeland. I search for continuity of my Ukrainian past and American present with hopes for the future.

The roots of my artistic vision lie deep within Ukrainian culture, from the fantastical pure colors of Petrykivka folk painting to the non-figurative art of Kasimir Malevich (1879-1935). Plasticity of line and color vibration dominate my work. Shimmering symbolism of Byzantine mosaics and life-affirming ideas of Ukrainian avant-garde inspire the symbolic quality in my paintings. In this fusion of cultures and artistic influences, my paintings become a testament to resilience and the support that transcends borders and adversities. The world is now witnessing a genocidal attempt to destroy Ukrainian culture and identity. In response, I seek not only to preserve the essence of my native heritage but also to contribute to the cultural mosaic of my newfound American home, fostering hope and unity for the chapters yet to unfold.”

Opening Reception: March 8th, 2024 from 5-8 pm. Artist talk at 6:30 pm.