October 23, 2018 - November 30, 2018

Cannonball is Aaron Holz’s third solo exhibition at Kiechel Fine Art. The work uses the landscape and events surrounding Wounded Knee and Standing Rock as its inspiration and departure.  The paintings do not serve as illustration for what transpired at each location, but use these places as a reference point in generating a distinct hybrid visual response to American ideas of expansionism and land. From a simple prairie rose to dense combinations of geometry, atmosphere and landscape, this work exists in a space that embraces the notion of paint being both something and not something. Working with indirect painting methods that use multiple layers and surfaces to create an image, the work resonates in an optically charged way consistent with his work. The exhibition also includes “Symbol Shift”, Holz’s second single channel video that takes the sensualist tendencies of the paintings and replaces them with a rapid tempo of graphic symbols including flags, alchemical signs, native pattern and design.