81 Works by Keith Jacobshagen

October 14, 2022 - November 20, 2022

“81 Works by Keith Jacobshagen” Exhibition Statement, opening reception 10.14.22

Where some might see redundancy, Keith Jacobshagen sees an ever-changing, abundant, and elusive Midwestern landscape. Remaining present with a singular subject for more than 50 years requires constant intellectual and emotional engagement. This exhibition of new and previous work from the artist’s personal collection brings together 81 individual artworks honoring 81 years of artistic legacy in a testament to Jacobshagen’s endurance for being present with his work and in his work.

Each one of Jacobshagen’s landscapes is the result of countless hours traversing the land around him, typically within a 60-mile radius of his home and studio in Lincoln, Nebraska, looking beyond the human infrastructure and farmlands, seeking truth or a reflection of himself that seems to call from somewhere beyond the horizon or above in the enigmatic troposphere.

– Karissa Johnson, Curator, Museum of Nebraska Art