Michael Burton

Michael Burton

I make two kinds of artwork: animations and oil paintings.  Animations are complicated.  It takes lots of people to make them.  Writers, musicians, historians, shape the stories and assistants help make the art. I fit in by orchestrating all the details from production to show.  I learn from my collaborations because I get to see things the way others do. But sometimes I need to work alone.

These landscape paintings are a solo experience.  I love driving in the country, listening to Norwegian electronic music, looking for old barns. (I know that sounds pretty hip) The contrast in those two things is funny. There’s a moment of hesitation when I stop on a back road and I roll down the window to snap a shot.  The “scene” out the window suddenly becomes “real-life” and the music suddenly sounds ridiculous.

I roll up the window and move on.  No one saw me take the picture.  I can paint the barn in whatever weather or sunlight I please.  The scene I create on the canvas is based in reality but, like our own experiences, is as fictional as a cartoon.

Michael is represented by Kiechel Fine Art, established in 1986, specializing in 19th and 20th century American Art, Old Master and Contemporary prints, as well as regional and national contemporary art.  They represent the estates of several notable artists and private family trusts.  Their gallery offers the highest level of services including art consultation and certified appraisal.  They have placed work in corporate, private and museum collections worldwide.  Working with private and corporate clients, we strive to build collections with current and future value.

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