Review: exhibit by Francisco Souto exemplifies strength of humanity

The small, intricate pieces by Francisco Souto, director of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Art, Art History & Design, capture your attention as you walk through the exhibit, which opened on April 20.

Kiechel Fine Art, nestled between business buildings downtown on 12th and O streets, houses exceptional art from various artists in different exhibits.

The first floor is dedicated to Souto’s “Dicotomias,” or “dichotomy” in English. The title of the exhibit is of Spanish origin, as Souto is originally from Venezuela.

Souto incorporates his Venezuelan background in this exhibit to point out the social injustices that many people experience under an unjust leader.

At first glance, the pieces lining the walls in this exhibit just seem like objects with a few flies floating around, or a couple of kids casually hanging out. Flies are incorporated in the majority of the pieces. However, these in-depth still lifes capture the essence of the subject matter.

Although the pieces are realistic, the motivation behind them could be seen as somewhat abstract. The explanation on the wall describes how Souto’s goal with this collection is to exemplify humanity in the best way he can.


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