Gerald Geerlings

Gerald Geerlings (1897-1998)

Printmaker, architect and author, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 18 1897. His first job was as an architectural draftsman. One of the few artists who served his country in both World Wars. In 1917 he served in the 120 Field Artillery, 32nd division and by 1918 was a 2nd Lieutenant and during WWII he served as a captain in the command office of the 8th Bomber. He originated and developed the Target Identification Unit. He also served in both the European and Pacific theaters. After WWI he was invited to study in England at St. John’s College, Cambridge University. The next year he enrolled at the School of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania. After graduation he worked as an architect for several firms before starting his own. His printmaking career began when he as a working architect and by 1928 he traveled to London to study etching at the Royal College of Art. He won his first award for a print in 1931 awarded by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for “Jeweled City.” In 1933 the depression and moving to Connecticut caused him to interrupt his printmaking career. He went back to printmaking in 1975 producing a group of lithographs on Paris and New York City. He died peacefully in Connecticut at 101 years old in 1998. There are several books written by Gerald Geerlains and several on his art. The catalogue raisonne of his prints is Gerald K. Geerlings by Joseph S. Czestochowski.

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