Felix Buhot

Felix Buhot (1847-1898)

Born in Normandy in 1847, Buhot was orphaned and raised by his godfather. In 1865, he moved to Paris to study literature; a year later his interest turned to art. After study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Buhot began to design music score covers which fostered an interest in printmaking. His earliest etchings date from 1873 which was the beginning of his career as an accomplished ‘peintres-graveur.’ A visit to London in 1879 met him with great success, and he became known for his depictions of shadow and light. He developed a style of ‘marges symphoniques’ for his etchings, filling the borders surrounding the main image with decorative elements. His work was influenced by Japanese art and he is one of the first artists credited with embracing its importance.

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