Conference Table or Director’s Meeting (20th Century Fox Studios)

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Above subjects unidentified.

“In the Hollywood Story Conference picture [Conference Table] it’s easy enough to see who is boss, who is being messed, who is the Napoleon of the situation. And whether it’s easy to see or not, you should be able to guess that the associate conferees when they leave the big table are due for some kind of headaches that is the lot of ordinary business associates when they leave Napoleons.” – Thomas Hart Benton, Hollywood  Journey

A Tour of Hollywood | Drawings by Thomas Hart Benton

“Some while back [in 1937], Thomas Benton, the highly-rated American artist, was despatched to the West Coast to paint a composite picture of life in Hollywood. The half-dozen drawings reproduced in this portfolio are among the by-products of that mission to Hollywood. They range from sketches on the spot to labored elaborations of sketches. The artist’s base of operations was the couch in the luxuriously appointed office of Raymond Griffith, one of the producers for 20th Century Fox. From this couch he made forays into the vast departmentalized domain that is a major moving picture studio, and also a little beyond.” – Harry Salpeter, A Tour of Hollywood: Drawings by Thomas Hart Benton

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