Maddie Aunger

“My paintings mirror my experience of the domestic spaces in my life, and how I encounter them. They are open ended spaces for the viewer to enter for the first time. Saturated colors move away from reality but replicate the feeling of having fresh eyes and the surprises that new spaces hold. In my painting practice, I focus on specific domestic spaces and explore how common threads of color, repeated architectural features, and interior design elements can tie paintings together across a series. Doorways, hallways, and windows create interactions between different spaces and between paintings. The series of paintings I’ve started since the pandemic began focus on a single window in my home here in Lincoln. Being home for long stretches of time isn’t a new experience for me; I’ve always been a homebody. This window has become a constant. The changes that the window undergoes through time and weather are intensified in the paintings. The repetition of the window becomes a symbol for the passage of time I experience while being contained in my home. These window paintings give me something concrete and consistent to focus on while the world around me feels out of control.”

Maddie Aunger is a painter, currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Maddie grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and completed her undergraduate studies at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. In December 2017 she earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education (K-12) and a minor in Art History, she also earned a her BFA in Drawing in May 2018. Maddie works in acrylic paint on panel. She enjoys focusing on manipulation of color to emphasize the feeling of the domestic spaces she works from. Maddie’s vibrant paintings reflect her experience of watching time pass, through the window of her home in Lincoln.

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