Leroy Neiman

Leroy Neiman  (1921-2013)

“[Neiman] has the journalistic talent, as well as the artistic ability, to convey the essence of a game or contestant with great impact, from the Kentucky Derby to Wilt Chamberlain, from the America’s Cup to Muhammad Ali, from the Super Bowl to Bobby Hull.”  — Nick Seitz, Christian Science Monitor

An American Impressionist, LeRoy Neiman is renowned for his dynamic, stunningly colored images of sporting events.  He received his art education at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he continued as a professor there for 10 years.  Neiman has worked in a variety of mediums, etchins, lithographs, silkscreen prints, sculpture, and painting.

In his collection of five seriographs depicting the Nebraska Cornhuskers National Championship victory, Neiman epitomizes the style he is best known for.  With his bold colors and dynamic compositions, Neiman captures the energy, tension, and chaos of a game he knows well.

He has worked as the official artist at five Olympics, as a CBS Superbowl computer artist, and as documenter of a myriad of other major competitions and leisure activities.  Through his work, Neiman has gained the respect and admiration of an impossibly broad spectrum of public and private collectors.

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