Larry Welo

LARRY WELO (b. 1951)

My prints and paintings begin as drawings done from life. Sketch books have been filled over the years. These are a frequent source of visual information and inspiration. Working for a number of years as an artist printmaker has led me to see the world with an emphasis on light and dark. This has carried on throughout my career.

My etchings span the mid-1970s through the present. In 1976 I moved my young studio from Decorah, Iowa to South Minneapolis where I remained for the next 18 years. I sold my etchings at art fairs and a few midwestern art galleries. In 1994, I relocated my studio to the Madison, Wisconsin area to be in closer proximity to my market. In 2018, I returned to the Twin Cities where I have been living and working since.

From the beginning and through the mid-1990s, while living in Minneapolis, I created my etchings while referencing sketches and memory as my source material. I used subjects that appealed to me, I could rearrange the shapes and perspectives to suit my visual interests more closely. After moving to Wisconsin and a more rural area, my interests shifted from working in the studio to working on location. I would take my copper plates to the place and work on them while observing my subject. There evolved a unity between what I saw, what I thought and how I would draw the subject onto the plate.

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