Katharen Wiese

Katharen Wiese (b. 1995, Lincoln, Nebraska) is an artist, curator and a community arts organizer living and working in the historic Everett Neighborhood of Lincoln, NE. She holds a B.F.A. in Studio Art from The University of Nebraska at Lincoln (2018). Her work has been featured in group exhibitions across the state including Kiechel Fine Art (2020), Lux Center for the Arts (2020), Tugboat Gallery (2019), the Prairie Arts Center (2017), and many more. Her work is a part of the Thomas P. Coleman print collection at the Sheldon Museum of Art. She was a 2018 nominee for the University of Nebraska Vreeland Howard Award and a four time award winner of the Kimmel Harding Scholarship for Emerging Arts (2014-2018). Wiese has curated art shows across the state for the past four years with emphasis on sharing the work of artists of color.

Artist Statement

Kat Wiese is a painter, printmaker, arts organizer and curator. Wiese views building an art historical cannon which decentralizes patriarchy and white supremacy as her central work as an artist-curator. This work has led her to reference the work of African American artists exclusively within her own artwork as a form of re-education and inspiration. Wiese’s work analyzes the relationship between power and Blackness as they relate to art history, colorism within the female fashion industry, the criminal justice system and multiracial individuals. Wiese uses found materials and portraiture to make evident the relationship between identity formation and the material world.

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