On Bassett’s main street, a plan to make art more accessible
L. Kent Wolgamott: It’s holiday time at the local galleries
L. Kent Wolgamott: Banksy Hits Lincoln at Kiechel Fine Art
Thomas Hart Benton & the Navy at the Chrysler Museum
‘The Last Hurrah’ is a triumphant final show from Dan Howard
40 Pieces of Public Art in Lincoln
Souto Named Director of School of Art, Art History & Design at UNL
L. Kent Wolgamott: Birds, flowers fill skies of Jenny Kruger landscapes
L. Kent Wolgamott: ‘Landscapes’ is an instructive exhibition of Keith Jacobshagen’s paintings
Keith Jacobshagen Solo Exhibition: Landscapes – In Case You Missed It
Keith Jacobshagen: Landscapes
Nebraska’s Famed “Horizonologist” Keith Jacobshagen
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