L. Kent Wolgamott: It’s holiday time at the local galleries

Buck Kiechel drove back to Lincoln from Georgia Wednesday, bringing with him paintings by, among others, Thomas Hart Benton, that he would be offering for sale as soon as possible.

That’s because Christmas is coming.

It’s, not surprisingly, one of the busiest times of the year at art galleries and retailers. And getting desirable stock from artists, historic and contemporary, international and local, is key for Kiechel Fine Art, Lincoln’s most prominent and largest commercial gallery.

“When you’re in the retail industry, if you ignore the holiday season, you’re a fool,” Kiechel said. “We definitely get a spike in business, really starting in mid-November to right before Christmas. It’s traditionally one of two or three top times of the year. In the local gallery business it’s definitely a peak between Christmas and New Year’s.”

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